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The Azerbaijani Armed Forces

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  • The Azerbaijani Armed Forces

    The Azerbaijani Armed Forces were re-established according to the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan on from 9 October 1991 after its independence from the Soviet Union.

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    T-72 Aslan



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      Min. of Defense, Hasanov on Front lines.


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        T-72 Aslan




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          BREM-1 pulling a T-72A with mine plows.


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            BM-30 Smerch


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              Matador MRAP


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                MT-LB with NSVT Machine Gun


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                  Azerbaijani Army conducted engineering and vehicle recovery drills on June 11.

                  GMZ-3 mine laying vehicle

                  Pomins-2 Portable mine neutarlization system

                  IMR-3M engineering vehicle

                  PP-91 mobile bridge

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                    Azerbaijan showcase new «SandCat» armored vehicles purchased from Israeli Plasan company

           Ministry of Defence of Azerbaijan made a presentation of 4×4 SandCat armored vehicles purchased from Israeli Plasan company, reported by

                    AzeriDefence reports that on 25 June president of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev got acknowledged with these vehicles.

                    According to photos taken at the event it is seen that Armed Forces of Azerbaijan purchased 4 modifications of these vehicles. Among them it need to be mentioned remote controlled and surveillance electric optic system.

                    The vehicles are equipped with Mini Samson remote weapon stations (RWS) with 12,7 mm NSVT machine gun, produced by Rafael. Other vehicles are equipped with new Samson MLS RWS with two Spike-LR anxxxank missiles of Rafael.

                    “Samson MLS” is integrated with optic system and laser distance measurer which can be used in any weather condition.
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                      Azeri IL-76 at Kubinka airbase, Russia, 23, July 2016


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                        Azerbaijani 152mm DANA SPH and 122mm RM-70 MRLS from the Czech Republic shown for the first time.